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Sublime Eyes fra Sandnes

To band blåser tung rock over publikum på ungdomshuset fredag



14.04.2016 kl 17:08

Ung i Sandnes
Sandnes kommune

Her er en beskrivelse av bandene fra pressen. På Engelsk.

Sublime Eyes are back! The melodic death/thrash metal onslaught from the rainy shores of Stavanger in Western Norway continues – now via Italy, where their new label Wormhole Death is located, and where the upcoming album “Sermons & Blindfolds” was recorded.
Guitarist Tom Arild Dalaker and drummer Remy Dale started the band in 2007, with Jan Terje Vinningland soon joining in on lead guitars. Sublime Eyes immediately began to spread their thrashing and shredding death metal. Initially through demos and the self-released debut album “Dawn of the Defiant” in 2010, then through ferocious live performances after recruiting the charismatic vocalist Arvid Tjelta – Karmøygeddon, Bloodstock and Norway Rock Festival, among others.
The band entered Frog Leap Studios to record a new EP in 2013: Reign of the Sun. Here the band started experimenting more with their sound, and now with a new bassist in Jørn Helseth, Sublime Eyes has refined that sound into the in-your-face, shredding metal attack that awaits the listener on “Sermons & Blindfolds”!

TearDrown hails from the hard rockin' valley of Kvinesdal in Norway. The band started playing in 2009. They have a previously released EP from 2010 on their back, which got quite good reviews. In June 2011, they released their new album «Approaching Failure». The album contains 10 killer songs and is a definitive knockout on all metalheads out there!
The style of TearDrown may be compared to other bands like Soilwork, Mnemic and Killswitch Engage. With their originality and own sound, this is not a bad combination. These guys pumps out melodic thrashmetal, with a touch of hardcore influences and progressive parts. With this being said, TearDrown can definitely be called a fresh breath within todays metal scene.

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